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Meet Brooke

Hi!, I'm so glad you landed here, I hope you find what you are looking for!

 My name is Brooke Amos, and I am currently a hairstylist at Ambrosia Studio Salon in Bowling Green, Ohio.  I am a person that is obsessed with creating beautiful, dimensional hair! With almost 10 years behind the chair, I can definitely say I have a true passion for this industry, and I couldn't be more satisfied with my career choice. I'm an outgoing, fun-loving, hairstylist who is married to a pretty awesome guy and the momma of three little kids- Declan, Kipton, and Josie!  I hope to get to know a little about you soon!


  *Why choose Ambrosia? What sets you apart from other salons/stylists?

      "  A huge thing that sets me apart from most of the other stylists in my area is my chosen color line! Keune is a family-owned company that is based out of the Netherlands. It's unlike any other common color line you have tried and tried again! Keune and I are dedicated to making sure you leave with your hair healthier than when you walked in the door. As for Ambrosia itself,  we strive to make sure our salon feels laid back, friendly, and welcoming. You will arrive at a beautiful newly built salon, where you will be welcomed by one of our staff! We have a seating area designed for your comfort, where we supply a variety of snacks for you to enjoy during your visit, and will always have your favorite beverage on hand! You can be confident you will feel right at home and know you will walk out looking and feeling amazing!"


*What are your favorite services to perform?

           "Although I love doing all types of natural colors, my specialties are most definitely lived in colors, highlighting, balayage,  and of course extensions!  The key to staying on top of this industry is making sure you are in tune with all of the new trends and techniques. I truly believe that if you're not growing, you're dying. We are in an ever-evolving industry. It is absolutely necessary to stay as educated as possible! I belong to several continuing education programs from all over the world and have been attending new classes each year! You can be confident that you are getting a style that's "in style"! As of now, I am currently NBR Certified, Hot Heads Certified, Halo Couture Certified. I have received certificates from the Business of Balayage, and Sunlights programs, and so many more!" 


*What do you love about this industry?

"The clients! That sounds so "cliche" but it's true. I have worked so incredibly hard to get to where I am; however, I KNOW I wouldn't have this success without the loyalty of my clients. Some of them have become a few of my very best friends! I tend to attract clients that are very similar to me personality-wise. I have a loyal following from age 15-75. I absolutely believe the large age range has helped me grow so quickly and stay so engaged -there is rarely a boring day. The college girls help keep me current, and I love conversing about kids, careers, and grandkids with the others! I've learned so much from each and every one. This job has without a doubt made me, me!"

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